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School Technology Plan

Park Vista Elementary
Technology Plan
          The goals and objectives of this school plan address our school belief that all learners will have access to technologies so as to close the achievement gap.
          Thus far, Park Vista Elementary is utilizing technology in order to provide equal opportunity for all students to participate in the possible benefits and enrichment activities afforded by computers, from computer lab to classroom computers.
In the coming year, Park Vista Elementary teachers will impact the future use of technology at school by staying updated on new or improved technology by attending workshops, conferences, and staying connected and collaborating during teacher monthly meetings. By immersing teachers in as many areas of technology as possible, students, the teachers themselves, and staff members will benefit to their full potential in all areas of technology.
          The majority of all teachers at Park Vista Elementary utilize technology in the classroom through websites, software, and digital presentations. Teachers also use technology to enhance lesson planning, assessment technology, coordination, data use, etc.

Through this plan, Park Vista Elementary will continue to seek:
 the continuation of integrating technology into standards-based curriculum and instruction
 providing high-quality professional development activities that will provide participants with the skills and tools to effectively integrate current and emerging technologies in their teaching
 assuring access to all students, personnel, and parents
 increasing Internet access to all students
 promoting parental and community involvement
 dissemination of information of technology initiatives through the school website and newsletters.